maandag 13 augustus 2012

The weather isn't what it was yesterday so I cleaned up my dressing!

Funny .. the things you find that you think you lost. Well with this kind of closet it's not that hard :)

<3 Alexander McQueen and still I seem to lose it more then I like .. it's because This scarf is so light you don't feel it slipping away  :)
The big bracelet I got from my mum and the small one with the lady head I got from my Hubby, those I don't really lose they just get in the back off the closet .. 

Those are just cute !
Just worth mentioning my first designer bag : Chloe (it's that old I don't even remember the name)

I'm not even beginning with the clothes wasn't anything that spectacular anyway!

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  1. I love your wardrobe! that is seriously organised, Im jealous!